Dance of Venus Quintet in Gold



[316L Surgical Steel] Implant grade
[Hypoallergenic] Reduce sensitisation(allergy) risk
[Nickel-Free] Lab-tested compliant
[Tarnish Proof] Optimal maintenance




This piece of jewellery is made from 100% implant quality 316L surgical/medical grade stainless steel. 18K gold/rose gold plating is applied for the coloured gold color series. Find out more about surgical steel here.


It is hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin individuals, as well as those with nickel allergy. It is dermatologist approved for pierced ears and other pierced parts of the human body. It has been strictly tested to be compliant under laboratory conditions to have a nickel release value less than 0.25μg per cm2 per week. Wearing such jewellery is clinically proven to reduce risk of sensitisation (allergy) to nickel throughout one’s lifetime.


Silver, 18K Gold, Rose Gold